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I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful dinner you cooked , it was delicious. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best Christmas gift I ever received. I think you would be great on your own cooking show. You are easy to understand, have lots of helpful tips and are entertaining! Jeanette M (gift certificate for cooking class)
Our group was so IMPRESSED with the foods you created. EVERYONE was happy and there was plenty to eat! So thank YOU for being so patient with my million questions and finally making it happen.  I do not think there was a business card left... many look forward to future events. (knitting guild Christmas party)
John our grand I both had so so much fun. It was an even better experience then we both anticipated. Thank you so much! We will be spreading the good word! :) Merry Christmas!
Yes, we loved the meals, especially the one with the spaghetti squash! Nikki U.(on weekly meals)
 ave loved them! Especially your spaghetti sauce. 
...Thank you for a fun evening and good food to eat. We enjoyed it very much. Andy A (on corporate team building cooking competition)
What a great experience! I'll be sure to refer my friends! thx. Rodney D. (on special allergin free Valentines dinner)
"Oh my GOSH, I just had the Chicken Butler (tomatoes & basil) & spagetti squash for lunch.  I ***loved*** it!  Everything I've had so far has been great, but this dish as emerged as one of my favorites." Yolanda
"You are most blessed among women and anyone who eats your food is blessed" Fr. C.

Just thought I would share my success with the salad! It was so easy and so good! Use all of your tips and tricks and even adapted it for my cobbler parentheses separated chicken oranges and Gouda because I knew she probably wouldn't eat the salad parentheses and we added baked sweet potatoes with it--Bonus-- my husband really liked all of it! Tiffany H.(cooking class/shower)
It was wonderful!! We loved it! And I just had the rest of the chicken one tonight (got home late from work) and it hit the spot JThanks again and I will definitely keep you in mind for the very near future . Thanks Cathy C.

When friends ask me where my favorite Chinese food is? I tell them chef Eileen! S. ChenI h

We enjoyed your food so much last evening, you did an amazing job in such a short amount of time! XX 00 Terry
We loved last weeks meals! This is the way to go, loving it. Stephanie

I have been meaning to call/email you to tell you how wonderful it was to work with you! Your professionalism, creativity and sheer talent was a pleasure to have at our event. Thank you thank you thank you!! I look forward to our next dinner/event to have you back! Laura M.

Thank you for helping me make Kristen's birthday a special time! She was still talking about it today and said the food was awesome! Thanks again. Julie

Thank you for the dinners. We had the shrimp Butler last night and it was outstanding. I can see why it's one of your favorites! Jessica N

"And holy cow, these cupcakes this week are the best things I have ever tasted!! Wow! Feel free to make them any time and ready for veggie lasagna too!" Bobbi
Dinner was sensational! Thank you from Pat and Bernie. First off... Your dinners are Wonderful! 
First off... Your dinners are Wonderful! 
Thank you so much! Class was great, looking forward to more in the future. Thanks Marissa
I had the BEST time. You are a great teacher and wonderful host! Luv, Jane
It was a pleasure to have you cater our sales meeting. Everyone commented quite favorably on the quality and creativeness of each meal. We will certainly keep you in mind for the future. Bill
We all absolutely loved the entire meal. You out did yourself this time! Thank you. Jayne
Everyone I have spoken with recording the wedding and reception has commented on the food! You were a hit! Thanks for everything! Magg
You're the best! Thanks! Bonnie
Thank you very much for making my wedding reception absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad that you could be part of it. The food and cake work out of this world. Everybody's raved about it all. Thank you! Lisa
Thank you so much for your professionalism, work ethic and the incredible food was enjoyed by all. This morning as we were preparing lunch I asked Dan how he thought yesterday went. He said having you cater the event was the best part of the day. We both agreed that you are so much more than a chef. We feel that you are friend who just happens to cook wonderful food and enjoys people and cooking for them. Thanks again for everything. Ginny
They loved the food! She was so impressed, she thought I spent a fortune! Tara
The food was wonderful! Andy