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The Benefits of a Personal Chef Service

Many busy individuals and families throughout the Tampa Bay area are looking for high quality, home-cooked meals, rather than relying on high-calorie take-out foods or tasteless frozen dinners. Personal Chef Eileen Morris can save you time, money, and effort by preparing a full week of delicious meals to your specifications.

Has your physician recommended a low salt or low cholesterol diet? Are you a diabetic who needs to control your blood sugar? Are you trying to reduce your weight or prepare for your first 5K run? Share your food preferences, allergies, health concerns, and other dietary needs with Chef Eileen and she will design a menu to suit your taste, nutritional objectives, schedule, and budget. Since she shops for the groceries using the precise quantities needed for each entrée and side dish, you can save 15 hours or more each week by not preparing your meals and hundreds of dollars each year by not purchasing excess food that would otherwise go to waste. With Chef Eileen in the kitchen, your nutritional goals are easily managed and great tasting meals are ready whenever you are!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

Hiring a Personal Chef affords you some these benefits:

 Grocery Shopping and Fresh, Quality Ingredients
On your service day, your Personal Chef completes all of the shopping, selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, saving you trips to the grocery store for the coming weeks while you enjoy great tasting meals.

 Easy to Prepare and Clean Up Meals
A Personal Chef offers a great selection of prepared and packaged meals conveniently stored in your home refrigerator and freezer. The meals are easy to heat and prepare and even easier to clean up. No more after dinner drudgery.

 More Free Time
No more do you have to worry about what's for Dinner. No more shopping, going out, picking up, or preparation of the evening meals. Think of all the extra time you will save by hiring a Personal Chef Service. Time for the other, more important part of your life.

 Affordable Meals
A Personal Chef Service is cost effective and can actually save you money. How much time is expended and money spent to dine out, pick up food, make trips to the grocery store, or preparing the evening meal? A Personal Chef Service is a cost efficient alternative.

Ready to get started? Plan your meals today!
Chef Eileen Morris currently offers her services as a personal chef, caterer, and cooking instructor in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.